Grant Program

The Wayzata Education Fund invites Wayzata Public Schools staff to apply for grant funding for exceptional and innovative curricular projects. Since its inception in 2003, the Wayzata Education Fund has distributed over $200,000 for innovative projects throughout Wayzata Schools.

WEF grants reward collaborative, educationally sound, and curriculum-based projects within or among the Wayzata public schools. Applicants are encouraged to imagine new ways to impact and engage Wayzata students. The project(s) awarded with this grant should be:

  • A curricular program within the Wayzata School District
  • Capable of repetition in other classrooms or schools
  • Able to impact a significant number of students, or significantly impact a smaller number of students
  • Aligned with the strategic direction of the District
  • Intended to move the learning environment from “Excellent to Exceptional.”

WEF will distribute up to $50,000 in one-time grants to a single or to multiple projects to take place during school year 2018-19. This funding is specifically intended for projects above and beyond those typically funded by the district and school budget, PTA/PTO, Boosters, and other existing Wayzata district and school resources. All grants will be awarded to Wayzata Public Schools.


Applying for a From Excellent to Exceptional grant is a two-step process, which begins with submission of a Project Concept Form. Grant Application Timeline:


  • August – December 2017: Project Concept Forms are accepted. This form is intended to help you conceptualize your proposed project and indicate whether it satisfies WEF funding requirements without the expenditure of significant time and resources. As such, your submission does not need to be lengthy. The WEF grant committee will review Project Concept Forms on an ongoing basis.
  • January – February 2018: If your proposed project is selected for further consideration, you will receive an invitation to submit a more detailed grant application.
  • January – April 2018: WEF Board reviews all detailed grant applications and communicates with applicants as needed for further information.
  • May 2018: WEF awards grants for the 2018-2019 school year.