About Us

The Wayzata Education Fund provides grants for innovative curricular ideas across the Wayzata School District. The Fund encourages teachers and staff to imagine new ways to engage students and support Excellence for Each and Every Student. An all-volunteer organization, the Fund has donated more than $350,000 to innovative ideas since its 2003 inception. Learn more about our grants.

Meet our Board

Executive Board

Adam Hannemann

Adam joined WEF in November of 2014. He has children at WHS and a recent graduate from WHS.

Julie Wexler

Julie joined the board in 2017 and is a parent of former Wayzata students.

Liz Brown

Liz joined the board in 2014 and has students at West Middle School and Greenwood Elementary.

Sara Griffin

Sara joined the board in 2018 and became the Secretary in 2021.


Board Members

Michael Hagerty

Michael joined the board in 2008. He previously held the chair position for several years. He is a West Middle School and WHS parent.

Kelly Regan

Kelly joined the board in 2017. She is a Gleason Lake parent.

Nikki Steele

Nikki joined the board in 2018. 

Rhonda Holland

Rhonda joined the board in 2019.

Rauda Mahfoz

Rooda joined the board in 2019.

Ann Empkey

Ann joined the board in March 2021.

Heidi Kader

Heidi joined the board in 2021. She is a central middle school and Oakwood Elementary parent.

Milind Sohoni

Milind joined the board in March 2021. Milind is a parent of two children who graduated from the Wayzata K-12 schools.

Michelle Redman

Michelle joined the board in March 2021.

Ex-Officio Board Members

Chace Anderson
WPS Superintendent

Chace is the Superintendent of Wayzata Public Schools and is an ex-officio board member.

Seanne Falconer
WPS Board Member

Seanne is the official School Board liaison to the board. She serves as an ex-officio board member.

The Fund is administered through the Minnesota Community Foundation and qualifies as a public charity under federal and state laws. It is an entity separate from Wayzata Public Schools with its own board of directors and by-laws.  All gifts to the foundation are tax deductible under IRS guidelines.