Final update from Thank-a-Teacher – Winter 2020

Forgive us for the delayed update, but this is too important to share. This winter’s Thank-a-Teacher program was our MOST SUCCESSFUL EVER! We had over 300 donations resulting in $8500 in donations!

This is simply amazing. Thank you to all who donated, you are awesome!

Also, keep your eyes out for the spring version of Thank-a-Teacher. It’ll be here before you know it.

Tuesday is the Final Day for Thank a Teacher

As winter break rapidly approaches so does the deadline for donations for Thank a Teacher. Tuesday, December 15th is the last day for donations for this season’s program.

This season’s drive has been fantastic and we’ve delivered a lot of bundt cakes (and in some cases gift cards for said bundt cakes). We will be making one last delivery this upcoming Friday.

Head over to the Thank a Teacher page to get started!

For those that donated and for those still yet to donate, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!